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Two-hundred-thirty-first post. EVA's wall.
Susuharu 2
Какая музыка начинает звучать у меня в голове при просмотре NGE? Ага, она самая.

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Two-hundred-thirty-second post. Noir Live-Action
Этот пост Роттен_Кепкена в щепки разнёс мои надежды в отношении лив-экшена по Нуару. И мне есть что сказать.

Dear Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert and all of the team currently working on Noir live-action series,

Let me speak from my heart in English. I think that it wouldn't be very impolite from my side, if I represent thousands of Noir fans from all over the world and outspeak our common desire. We have read the script of pilot episode and we have something to say. So, here it goes, would you be so kind to do us a favor and die in pain and suffering.

Sincerely yours, Sakura, Сommandant of Priton Facility.

Полцарства за e-mail.
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